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The Derby Pyclet Company

0 Comments 29 August 2013

VisitEngland’s Chris Moore tells us about his brief but intense romance with a cheese-coated Derby delicacy…

 Derby Pyclet Co - Mark and Martin

Mark and Martin are two men on a mission to resurrect the Pyclet

We love the Derby Pyclet Company, well I certainly do. I was up in what is allegedly ‘England’s most haunted city’ to experience a ghost walk and overnight vigil in Derby Gaol. I was scared, I thought I saw a ghost cat, you can read about it in my blog post.

Walking through Derby Market Hall the next day I came across The Derby Pyclet Company and I am very glad I did. The local oat-cake delicacies are made fresh on the premises and come with a glorious variety of truly mouth-watering additions (although they’re also great just served with butter). I was fortunate enough to sample ham and homemade piccalilli, smoked salmon and horseradish cream and Colton Bassett Stilton, walnut and honey.

Derby Pyclet Co food

Yummm with multiple Ms

The latter…well, imagine something that tastes so good it makes you want to run up to random people in the street and grab them and start shaking them and shouting at them with a full mouth about how delicious what you’re eating actually is. Yeah, well it was better than that.

Get your own Pyclet fix!

What’s you favourite regional food?

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